“Erica at BeautyConnections Australia is one of the most professional recruiters that I have worked with. Not only is Erica an expert at matching people to roles, but she provides you with prompt, accurate and detailed shortlists to achieve placing the right candidate into the role. Erica makes the whole process streamlined and during all conversations, you feel like she is a trustworthy part of the team. I would definitely recommend Beauty Connections Australia to any candidate looking for a role in the industry and they can be assured to be placed in the perfect fit - and also to any company wanting a candidate that can seamlessly fulfil the needs of the business.”

Head of Sales


“BeautyConnections Australia have been the best agency I have worked with to date. They are thorough, detailed, take an interest to understand the needs of the roles we are recruiting for and put a lot of effort and focus to find the right candidate for us. This does not end here. Once the candidates are placed into their new roles, the team at BeautyConnections Australia keeps in touch with all parties involved on a regular basis and this really highlights that caring factor. It has been delightful to work with Erica. She really understands what our culture is like and what we look for in the right candidate. She is prompt with her responses and has a great eye to detail! Thank you Erica and team at BeautyConnections Australia for your assistance and giving us great candidates to work with!”

HR Advisor


“I had the privilege of working with Erica at BeautyConnections Australia when I was applying for jobs. Throughout the time, Erica has always made the effort to consistently provide me updates on opportunities. She is professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and genuinely works in your best interests. I have worked with other recruiters throughout my career history and it does not even compare to the impeccable recruitment experience that Erica provides. She is highly regarded within the beauty industry and diligently takes the time and effort to ensure both the company and candidate are the right fit for each other. BeautyConnections Australia will always be my go-to for recruitment. I highly recommend to any candidate that is looking for the right job for them because Erica has helped me and many others find the right one! Thank you Erica!”

Assistant Manager


“BeautyConnections Australia recently recruited an exceptional candidate for our Marketing team! When we work with Erica, it feels like she is an extension of our own team. She makes our business her business and treats every candidate (successful or not) with integrity and care. Erica’s professional approach, thoroughness, persistence and energy is second to none and besides that, she is an engaging and fun person to work with!”

People & Culture Manager


“I had the opportunity of working with BeautyConnections Australia when I was applying for jobs awhile back. I have worked with several recruiters in Australia but it’s very rare to find one that genuinely cares about the candidate. Erica has the ability to understand exactly what the company’s and candidate’s needs are, and find the perfect match. I remember having two formal interviews with Erica prior to meeting her client and the interview process was extremely thorough. While ensuring that I had all the experience, knowledge, skills and was a good cultural fit for the company she also ensured that she found out exactly what I was looking for. Would definitely recommend BeautyConnections Australia to any candidate that’s looking for a new role.”

Brand Manager


“Erica really goes the extra mile to ensure she has a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, and covers all bases when presenting candidates.”

Sales & Marketing Manager


“I had the privilege of working with Erica while we were both at Heat Group. Her knowledge of the beauty industry is exceptional. Erica was passionate about educating and training her team across all levels. She was also a trusted mentor and highly regarded within the company.”

Renee Rosperich

Head of Brands Tanning, Skincare, and Toiletries, Heritage Brands

“The founding partners of BeautyConnections are very well known in Australia and New Zealand as top marketing professionals with long careers in multinational beauty companies. From their own senior management experiences, they know what it takes to succeed in the beauty business and are ideally suited to identifying, developing and placing the right people in the right roles to ensure all participants the best chance of success. The beauty industry in Australasia is dynamic, innovative and complex requiring only the best talent available in order to win in this highly competitive environment. I have no hesitation in recommending their specialized services to prospective clients.”

Graeme Howard

(Note: Mr. Howard is a past President of the Cosmetics Toiletries and Fragrance Association of Australia, Past Chairman of Cancer Patients Foundation (LGFB), and Life Member of Accord Australasia)

“BeautyConnections Australia have successfully fulfilled a number of roles within our business and all candidates have seamlessly integrated into our culture. The pre-work done prior to any candidate being put forward is exceptionally detailed. The candidate shortlist summary provides clear insights into each candidate and how they fit against the role's core competencies, allowing for easy assessment and ultimately hiring the right person. We look forward to working with Erica again in the near future.”

Marketing Director


“I have had the pleasure of working with Erica throughout my career. From initial conversations, through to the interview process and job commencement, Erica expertly manages the process to get the best out of all stakeholders and set you up for success. Her background in the industry, connections, and genuine care for finding the best person for a role sets her apart from other recruiters. I would highly recommend speaking to Erica to anyone looking to progress their career.”

Senior Brand Manager


“When we talk about recruitment in the beauty industry, Erica is one of the few who is both insider and outsider that can help you achieve the following: ...Professional and smart “match making” between your openings and talent in the market ...Working out the missing pieces in the puzzle of capability/experience/network of your organization vs. the industry's trends with you ...Providing lots of practical recommendations on how to help the new hires, especially those who are quite established in the industry, to fit in your culture, from survive to lead. What makes Erica and BCA your “must-have” recruitment partner is very simply: ... She’s got an in-depth knowledge of the beauty industry, which is very rare for the recruiters/executive search firms in Australia ...She cares about your business, rather than “selling” her candidates to fill in the roles ...She DEVOTES TIME to finding good matches.”

HR Director


“When recruiting for a role, BeautyConnections has always taken the time to understand the specifics of the role to ensure the right candidate is recruited. Erica always goes the extra mile to ensure only the right candidates with the skills required are presented. I can honestly say every candidate that BeautyConnections Australia has brought to our business has been the right fit with the right skill set. Erica is an extremely professional and personable individual with an extensive background in the Beauty industry which has proven to be extremely beneficial when recruiting for our business.”

HR Manager


“Erica has an innate skill of being able to match the right people to the role that maximises their talents - whilst ensuring that as an employer, your candidate is aligned with the company outcomes and culture. Getting the right people in the right roles, I highly recommend BeautyConnections Australia to anyone looking for engaged and motivated employees.”

National Sales Manager


“BeautyConnections Australia helped to place me in my current role and as a candidate, I couldn’t have asked for a better or more seamless service from Erica. She is very professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable about the beauty industry and her tailored approach and advice was invaluable to my career. She still checks in with me over a year after my placement! Thank you Erica!”

Brand Manager


“Erica is a talented marketing professional. Over the past two decades I have had the good fortune to have worked closely with her and had the benefit of her considerable expertise. In addition to her deep marketing experience Erica has always taken her responsibility to identify, develop and manage talent as key part of her roles. She understands how critical it is to find the right fit for every role in the organisation. Having worked in a cross section of organisations within the beauty industry she appreciates varying company cultures and identifying personnel to enhance that culture. I would have no hesitation in recommending Erica's services to the organisations and people within the beauty industry.”

Robert Garratt

Managing Director Revlon Australasia (Recently Retired)

“Having worked with the founders for a number of years, separate to their innate marketing skills, I recall their strong leadership of stable and productive marketing teams. They have a talent for understanding how to select, train and motivate the right staff so the concept of BeautyConnections Australia is a perfect culmination of their talents. A specialist recruitment agency in the cosmetic industry will no doubt be an easy decision for many companies to use their targeted expertise to secure the right people.”

Janet Muggivan

Beauty Dossier

“Erica is a talented strategist who has worked strongly in and with teams across multiple geographies to build innovative and effective marketing plans. She has a deep knowledge of a number of beauty categories and has brought her extensive global experience to Australia 10+ years ago to drive positive business results for local businesses.”

Donna Baird

VP Marketing Revlon 2001-2015