Doing Your Homework for a Beauty Industry Interview

Feb. 7, 2019

Whether this is your first or tenth interview as a Marketer in the Beauty Industry, it’s really important that you do your homework in advance of your interview. Here are some suggestions for making sure you turn up well-prepared:









  1. Research their company website: and really spend some quality time there. Make notes. Have a look at their ‘About Us’ page, company history, key profiled people, location(s), advertising, brand portfolio, product range. Are they a locally-owned company? Or a subsidiary of a bigger corporation? Google if you’re not sure. If they are a publicly-listed company, go to their Investor Relations page and have a look at their reports, at minimum their last annual report. Familiarise yourself with some key points and numbers about the brand you’re interviewing for, if the information is readily out there.


  1. Look into the brand’s/company’s social media pages, especially Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LInkedIn. Don’t just look at the latest posts, go back and scroll through previous posts too. Watch some of the videos. What are the messages they put out? How many followers do they have? What’s the dialogue like between the brand and its followers?


  1. Go into store and check out the brand’s retail presence. Be a customer, and go into a few different stores where the brand can be found. How does the brand look, from when you first walk in, to when you are right in front of their counter or stand? What’s the pricing like? What are they doing well? And if they have a counter, have a chat to the Consultant; they can give you great insights into the brand.


  1. Look in your cosmetics bag. Do you already use any of the brand’s/company’s products? Have any favourites? If so, don’t be shy about mentioning that during your interview.  Even wear it on the day. But remember, be truthful, and get the name of the product/shade correct.  You don’t want to be the one talking about how awesome their “XX Lipstick” or “YY Foundation” is – when they don’t actually have an “XX Lipstick or “YY Foundation” in their range.  It happens more often than you’d think.  And when they ask you what makeup brands you like, remember to mention their brand too - first.


  1. Prepare a couple of positive insights and observations. Every brand, like every person, has ‘opportunity’ areas and, if during your interview, you are asked for your thoughts along these lines, come prepared with an insightful observation or two about the brand, and possible suggestions that you can contribute – but always, always, in a positive manner, and only if asked. For example, think about something you’ve observed that they’re doing well, and build on that.  This kind of question is often asked for a few reasons: have you done your homework? Are you observant? A creative thinker? Solution-oriented? How are your communication skills? A concise, brand-relevant, and, importantly, diplomatic answer here will almost always be viewed favourably. Remember never to criticize the brand: your interviewer could be the very person responsible for the things you are discussing!