Cosmetics/Beauty Hiring Managers: How to get the best candidates for your open positions

April 10, 2019

We’ve all been there: budget cuts (or other reasons) lead us to rely on placing a job ad and – fingers crossed – hoping we can get some good candidates for our open role/s. But, the reality of just placing an ad means you’re only playing in one end of the pool of candidates, only capturing those who are actively job-seeking  - and using keywords that happen to match your ad. BeautyConnections Australia can help you broaden that potential talent pool substantially and ensure you get the BEST candidates for your open roles, quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently:






  • We have a strong network, and database of talented candidates, at all levels: because we’re long-time cosmetics & personal care industry professionals ourselves, we’ve built a very solid network over the years to efficiently tap into, no matter the level. Plus, because we’re focused on beauty & personal care, and that makes us unique, we have fantastic, engaged candidates regularly seeking us out for help in taking the right next steps in their careers. That means we can, and do, ensure your potential candidate pool is far more robust.


  • We take a detailed, thorough brief from you – and we listen. Our clients tell us we deliver exceptionally high-quality candidates & profile information, based on the criteria you’ve provided. Because we’re also from the industry, we understand how different business models work, we understand the importance of cultural fit, and we understand your needs and challenges. We don’t just tick boxes; our candidate shortlists are thoroughly screened to ensure that they’re the right fit, for both you and them.


  • We take a multi-pronged approach to search, in order to cast a big net of both passive and active job-seekers, and quickly capture the best potential talent pool for your role in the shortest period – saving you lots of time and energy. Our experience tells us which are the best forums, depending on the role, in which to place an ad when it’s needed, how to write engaging content for the target audience, and how best to share that ad across our network and followers to broaden its reach significantly. Our clients often find that our job ads can be more successful in attracting the right kind of candidates, than their own. 


  • We recognise budget can be a challenge – and offer a simple, flat-fee structure that makes it affordable for you to engage us for ALL levels, not just the senior ones. Because we’ve been the hiring managers – and candidates – ourselves, we recognise the importance of getting the right talent for all levels, and believe we should make it easy for you to do that.  And, when you’re already down the track, or in a particularly busy period, and just need an extra pair of trusted & knowledgeable hands to help you with screening, interviewing etc. we can partner with you to also provide flexible solutions that meet your real-world business needs.


  • We treat our candidates with respect: honest and timely communication, resumé and interview feedback, career guidance when asked for. This makes you – and your company – look good too, by ensuring candidates have a positive experience when applying for a role we’re helping you with, whether they’re successful in landing it or not. And, candidates regularly tell us this REALLY sets us apart – which is why they’re happy to keep in contact with us, and refer us to their colleagues & friends.


  • We’re trustworthy, hard-working – and discreet. We don’t like to drop names, but we ARE super-proud of the reputation we’ve been gaining, and the testimonials our clients – and candidates – happily provide us:



Interested in having a confidential, no-obligation discussion? We’ll never do a hard sell or bombard you with unwanted emails, calls etc – we’ll just provide an open, flexible, & professional approach to helping you achieve your talent needs. Please contact Erica Oroszlany, Managing Director, BeautyConnections Australia, via email:, via phone: (03) 9607 1391 or (02) 9432 7826.